Security and regulations

The Cogeco Amphitheatre, to ensure the widest possible perimeter of security, maintains certain regulations to which spectators must comply at events held in the indoor and outdoor rooms.

List of prohibited items:

  • Food / Beverage / Alcohol / Cans / Glass Bottles
  • Animals (unless authorized animals such as guide dogs)
  • Umbrellas or any other object that obstructs the spectator's view
  • Professional cameras*, audio devices, video cameras or any similar device

* It is strictly forbidden to bring a professional camera (with a detachable and/or more than 2-inch lens) to the Cogeco Amphitheatre. A camera that respect the lens sizes are allowed. Photos taken via a mobile phone are allowed. Please note that in all cases, the use of flash is prohibited.

  • Tobacco products, electronic cigarettes or any illicit substance (smoking or steaming inside the Cogeco Amphitheatre, even on the grassy esplanade, is prohibited)
  • Bells, horns or any object or device emitting noise
  • Drones or similar devices
  • Chairs (unless otherwise advise)
  • Weapons and bladed weapons or any other object identified as hazardous or harmful by security personnel.

The Cogeco Amphitheatre does not have any place to store items. Anyone with any of the items listed above will therefore be denied access to the indoor and outdoor theatre and may even confiscate items identified as hazardous or harmful to spectators and employees. In any case, no object will be recoverable.

Site entry and exit

There is no re-entry. Once you have exited the building, you cannot re-enter unless it is an emergency. This rule also applies to smokers.

Please note that at the entrance, all bags will be searched. At certain performances, the staff of the Cogeco Amphitheatre reserves the right to conduct a summary search. Any spectator who does not collaborate in the search will be refused entry to the event without a refund.

The spectator will also have to sit at the designated seat by his ticket and present it to any employee of the Cogeco Amphitheatre who will request it. The management reserves the right to expel any spectator whose conduct is not respectful, dangerous or would hinder the smooth running of the event, without a refund. Please note that once you leave the Cogeco Amphitheatre site, you cannot go back inside. No readmission is permitted except for an emergency. This regulation also applies to smokers.

Please note that regulations are subject to additions and revisions at any time and without notice. If you have any questions or comments, please contact customer service at 819 378-2009.