Caroline St-Pierre exhibition
17 mars 2016

Caroline St-Pierre exhibition

March 17, 2016


With the intention of combining music and art, the team of the Corporation des Évènements de Trois-Rivières is pleased to welcome the painter Caroline St-Pierre for the exhibition of a brand new collection of canvases inspired of the musical universe.


The audience of the Cogeco Amphitheatre Cabaret will be able to admire the works of this painter from March 31 to April 16 in the Henri-Audet hall. Several artists will perform during this period:

- Steve Hill, March 31, 2016

- Galaxie, April 8, 2016

- Victor Wainwright, April 15, 2016

- JP Soars, 16 April 2016


This exhibition is a project realized in collaboration with the Trois-Rivières en Blues organization which has been working with the artist for some years.


Biography :

Caroline St-Pierre was born in 1986 in Trois-Rivières, Québec (Canada). She completed his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Trois-Rivières in 2010, where she will receive a scholarship from APART Arts Association of Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières for his final project of the end of study. She is represented in various art galleries and venues in Quebec such as: Yvon Desgagnés Gallery in Baie St-Paul (QC) ;Exhib’Art Gallery in Montréal (QC) ; SushiZo in Bécancour (QC). For over 2 years, she devoted herself entirely to his art, it is the entrepreneurial meetings and various disciplines such as performance art, food, history and sociological which are major sources of inspiration for Caroline St-Pierre. Thus, different experiences and artist studies are transposed onto her paintings.



For over 2 years, she devote herself entirely to his art. She has a lot of sources of inspirations like performance art, history, sociological, entrepreneurial meetings and various disciplines about wild animals, dance, music. Thus, different experiences and artist studies are transposed onto her paintings.


For several years, she devoted herself to painting as her main carrier subject. Her research toward the paintings will play heavily on the idea of iconography and symbols, on the notion of a portrait. Her painting style is a graphic composition concealing merged figurative elements. The subjects refer to artistic trends such as classicism, baroque art or even, Byzantine and the abstract art.


The work of Caroline St-Pierre is to interact with people toward the canvas. The reading of her paintings is narrative by his colour schemes or arrangement of the elements in their spaces, with a contemporary touch that brings a personalized and colourful gestural, where the modulated line blends into graphic constructions.


Her intention in the artistic news is to make people travel through the history and allow the awakening of certain cognitive thoughts.

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