Summary of the 2019 summer season
3 octobre 2019

Summary of the 2019 summer season

Trois-Rivières, October 3, 2019 - It is with an immense sense of pride and accomplishment that the Corporation des Évènements de Trois-Rivières closes its fifth season of activity. More than ever, it is possible to say that the Cogeco Amphitheatre has a prominent place in Quebec's entertainment venues and plays its role as a tourist attraction for the region. At the end of the summer season at the Cogeco Amphitheatre, 125,000 people attended one of the thirty-eight (38) performances presented, which represents a 9% increase over the total attendance of the previous year. Of this number, 45% comes from Mauricie and 55% from outside the region.

In continuity with its mission, the corporation set itself the overall objective of deepening the implementation of projects undertaken in recent years by positioning the spectator at the heart of its thoughts. In concrete terms, the organization has given itself the challenge of increasing its clientele by offering it a rich and diversified program, to continue its efforts in its concrete actions in order to reduce its ecological footprint and to maintain its collaboration with several cultural, economic and tourism actors in the region.

The year 2019 was rich and spectacular thanks to the presentation of Cirque du Soleil's show - Joyeux Calvaire, Tribute to the Cowboys Fringants. This new creation, directed by Jean-Guy Legault and musical direction by Jean-Phi Goncalves, was presented for a record twenty-three (23) performances. Indeed, 72,000 spectators have been immersed in the poetry of the band acclaimed for two decades by the Francophonie, which represents a room occupancy rate of 97%. Of this, 70% came from outside the region. In front of this record crowd, the team of the Corporation des Évènements can say loud and clear that it is mission accomplished. Once again, the notoriety and interest in this appeal product clearly demonstrate that the Cogeco Amphitheatre is a popular destination on the cultural scene.

«Each year, the ultimate goal is to present a diverse program, to widen the niches and to always surprise to ensure the durability of the organization. With the presentation of Cirque du Soleil's show - Joyeux Calvaire, Tribute to the Cowboys Fringants, we have enjoyed our loyal clientele since the very first show Le Monde est Fou, but have also piqued the curiosity of fans of this popular band. We are very pleased that the public has been at the rendezvous to make this show the greatest success of the tribute series to date.» Says Roger Picard, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation des Évènements de Trois-Rivières.

This fifth season of operations will also have allowed the Cogeco Amphitheatre to reap the rewards of sustainable development efforts. Thanks to the various projects set up and pursued including a system of reusable glasses (to eliminate more than 45,000 single-use plastic glasses annually), water stations, an electric shuttle service, participation in the bourse carbone Scol’ère with a donation of $ 5,000 and its involvement in the region with community organizations and schools, the Cogeco Amphitheatre has become a reference for the community and its peers. Several certifications have been acquired including the accreditation eco-responsible stage, GOLD level allowing the amphitheatre to become the first theater of more than 3,000 seats outside the island of Montreal to hold this level.

This year, the corporation also relied on constant efforts to extend the reach of the Cogeco Amphitheatre outside of its compound. The Serie Centro program, through its unique and inclusive activities, has allowed several establishments in Trois-Rivières to shine to make the destination a popular choice for culture and experience lovers.

«For the past five years, each of the objectives has been established with a view to innovate and increase the attractiveness of the Mauricie region. The consolidation of our actions, in harmony with those of the companies of the region, proves that its development, from an economic, cultural and tourist point of view, passes first and foremost by a synergy between each of the institutions. In light of the results announced, we must admit that it is by focusing on a global cultural offer that the tourist destination that is the Mauricie pulls out of the game.» Explained Mr. Steve Dubé, Director of the Corporation des Évènements de Trois-Rivières.

After an exceptional summer, the Corporation des Évènements team is now looking at the program for the Cogeco Amphitheatre Cabaret, which will begin this Fall, as well as upcoming summer operations. For more details on the program, visit and follow us on social media.

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