Shine A Light

Bryan Adams
  • September 7th, 2022
  • Doors : 6:30 PM
  • Show : 8 PM
Shine A Light

About this show

Bryan Adams is one of the most exciting live musicians in the world and his energetic performance, effortless stage presence and incredible vocals are guaranteed to thrill and entertain.

Travelling around the globe playing his big ballads and iconic rock and roll hits which have become mainstays on rock radio, he will stop at Trois-Rivieres to present his most recent album, Shine A Light. Having climbed to the top of the charts in March 2019, the title song was co-written with Ed Sheeran. The album also included a duet with Jennifer Lopez.

Knowned for hit singles “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”, “Summer Of ’69” and his Rod Stewart and Sting collaboration “All for Love”, the Grammy winning artist has seen success from a string of number 1’s in over 40 countries and has sold an excess of 65 million records worldwide. His songwriting has garnered him numerous awards from 3 Academy Award nominations, 5 Golden Globe nominations, and a Grammy Award.

His thirst for performances and his unique approach to live concerts has established him as one of the best rock singers of our time in the world.


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Chairs forbidden

Chairs are forbidden in the grass esplanade for this event.

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