Where can I park near the Cogeco Amphitheatre?

For more details on parking near the amphitheatre, please consult this section of the site.

An electric shuttle service powered by A.B.I. is also available to facilitate your arrival from numerous service points.

Où puis-je dormir?

Prolongez votre expérience mémorable chez notre partenaire le Delta de Trois-Rivières! 

# CITQ 034425 

What time do the doors open before an event?

In general, the amphitheater is accessible either 1 h or 1 h 30 before the performance time indicated on the ticket. Spectators have access to seats as soon as they enter the auditorium. Certain events may have a specific schedule. This information is provided on the website and at the box office for each event.

Want to know the exact opening time for your show? You can consult the schedule for your event right here.

Prepare to arrive at the Cogeco Amphitheatre

Here are a few rules to follow when you arrive on site:

- You can bring a reusable water bottle, but it must be empty. It will be possible to refill it at one of our on-site water stations.

- No large bags allowed.

- There will be a visual search at the entrance.

- No glass objects allowed.

Pour consulter les règles complets, cliquez ici

Is bar service available on site?

That's right! You can discover the full range of our bars and mobile bars right here.

Does the roof of the Cogeco Amphitheatre protect against bad weather?

Please note that the roof of the Cogeco Amphitheatre covers all 3,500 seats. Otherwise, we advise you to bring  adequate clothing with you in case of rain or wind.

Can I bring an umbrella to the Cogeco Amphitheatre?

Umbrellas are permitted but must remain closed. On rainy evenings, ticket holders in the grassy esplanade must wear a raincoat or other suitable clothing. To view the list of prohibited items, please go to the Security and Regulations section.

Are cameras allowed?

No professional cameras are allowed on site.

However, it is possible to take photos with your cell phone and film a few moments of your show, all with respect for the spectators in the vicinity.

Is it possible to buy a merch on site?

We cannot guarantee the presence of promotional items, as this is left to the artist's discretion.

Is it possible to bring a blanket?

As we're not immune to the cold and wind, you may want to bring a blanket or coat to keep warm during your show.

Can I bring a chair to the Cogeco Amphitheatre?

Chairs are not allowed.

Is it possible to eat and drink at the show?

That's right! You can bring your own drinks and snacks directly to your seats.

Do you have child seats?

Absolutely! You can ask our colleagues in the Clintèle department during your visit, and they'll be able to provide you with a seat to facilitate your child's experience during the show.

Is it possible to exchange or get a refund for my tickets once they are purchased?

From the time of purchase by the customer, tickets can not be exchanged or refunded, even if the ticket is not used by the customer. In the event of cancellation, interruption or postponement of an event, please note the following policy.

What is Netiquette?

The Corporation des Évènements, Amphithéâtre Cogeco and Délices d'automne website and social media are places where Internet users can exchange ideas, and where the Corporation wishes to provide a healthy environment conducive to cordial and harmonious discussions in a spirit of openness and transparency. To maintain a respectful climate and constructive exchanges, the Corporation has adopted a netiquette.


Netiquette is the set of rules of good conduct to be respected when exchanging information on social media and websites.


How to communicate properly on the Corporation's social platforms and websites:

Polite and sustained language is encouraged in all communications. It is perfectly possible to express an opinion without using vulgar or offensive language towards our employees or other Internet users;

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The publication of personal information about oneself or another user may be deleted without notice for security reasons;
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Are there spots in the venue where the view is blocked?

Absolutely not, every place in the venue allows you to enjoy the show.

Are minors accepted at Cabaret shows?

Yes, minors are accepted at any time. However, no alcohol can be sold to them. ID cards may be required.

Can we eat and drink inside the Cabaret?

Bars are open during every show. Continuous table service is also provided in the Cabaret. Snacks are also available for purchase.

Is there a coat check available in the Cabaret?

Yes, a coat check is available at the cost of $ 3.

At what time do the doors open?

Generally speaking, the amphitheatre is accessible at least 1 hour before the time of the performance indicated on the ticket. Spectators have access to the seats as soon as they enter the room. Some events may have a particular schedule. The information are  transmitted on the website and at the box office for each event.