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Bar and food services

Bar and food services



To fill your hungry stomach or to have a refreshment, a varied and accessible menu for all tastes is at your disposal in the bars of the Cogeco Amphitheatre. The main bar, located under the grass esplanade, offers snacks, sweets, hot and cold drinks, alcoholic beverages and frozen treats. Since January 2018, the Cogeco Amphitheatre also serves Le Trou du Diable products (MacTavish and Blanche de Shawi). Several mobile bars are available on the site during certain events.


To liven up your evening at the Cogeco Amphitheatre, why not take a moment to enjoy a drink at the Espace Marmen? Located on the amphitheatre plaza, this new experiential space will charm you with its warm and intimate environment perfect to enjoy a good beer from Le Trou du Diable, regional pride, or to have a snack from the tasty menu of the Fouquet Morel food truck. Our recommendation? Ask for a table on the second floor for a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River!


For those who want to treat themselves with some food, you will find Fouquet Morel's food truck on-site. You will have the chance to taste homemade products served by a dedicated and friendly team in the new Espace Marmen of the Cogeco Amphitheatre,  with a bonus view of the river! Since the food truck is accessible from the opening of the site, at least one hour before the show starts, you will easily have the time to finish your meal before the show starts! 



In Cabaret setting, discover our bar located in the Henri-Audet Hall for a drink and a snack. Trou du Diable products (MacTavish, Blanche de Shawi and Sang d'Encre) are available on site.