Gift Card

Gift Card

Looking for the perfect gift? Offer a gift card to your loved one! It’s exchangeable for any show ticket presented in its venues (Cogeco Amphitheatre and Cogeco Amphitheatre Cabaret).

Gift cards are available in $25 denominations between $25 and $300.


General Conditions

  • Valid for all cultural activities and shows on sale at the Cogeco Amphitheatre, at regular and / or discounted rates.
  • Can’t be refunded or exchanged for cash.
  • The minimum value of a gift card is $25 and the maximum value is $ 300.
  • You can use a part or the total value of your card. If you have a balance left, it will be kept for a later purchase. Purchases will be deducted from your gift card until its value is reduced to $0. If your purchase is not completely covered by the gift card, you can use another payment method to finalize the purchase.
  • The Cogeco Amphitheatre is not required to replace cards if they are lost, damaged or stolen. Your card is under your responsibility. It is therefore impossible to recover the residual balance if it’s lost or stolen. Take care of it as for any other payment method!
  • No refund or replacement will be made in case the card is used without the owner's permission, loss or stolen.
  • In the case of damaged, unusable or defective gift cards, your sole remedy, and the sole responsibility of the Cogeco Amphitheatre, will be the replacement of gift cards if the information from the card matches the identification of the number account.
  • They may be used for purchases at the J.-Antonio-Thompson box office for a performance at the Cogeco Amphitheatre, by phone or for an online purchase.
    The purchase of gift cards can’t be combined with any promotion.
  • ** The Cogeco Amphitheatre reserves the right to modify these conditions, if applicable, with or without notice, insofar as the laws in force permit. **

Expenses and expiration of the balance

The Cogeco Amphitheatre charges no fees for the issue, activation or use of your gift card. The gift card does not have an expiration date. It is valid until the balance is at $0.

When buying online or by phone, a $ 4.50 fee applies for mailing the gift card.

In case you have not received your gift card 1 month after it has been sent, please contact the J.-Antonio-Thompson box office.