Privacy policy


The Corporation des événements de Trois-Rivières (hereinafter referred to as the "Corporation") is committed to respecting your privacy when reserving or purchasing tickets to shows or events, providing ancillary services (parking tickets, show packages, ticket delivery, pre-purchase of beverages or food services, management of your customer account, etc.) or derivative products, whether these services are provided directly by the Corporation or by third-party service providers such as our ticketing suppliers Outbox or Weezevent. By accessing, consulting or visiting any of our sites and sub-domains operated by the Corporation (;;;, by communicating with us or by accepting to receive e-mails from us, you agree to the terms of this Policy.

For transactions conducted on the Amphithéâtre Cogeco or website, the Policy should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of Use, as both documents govern your use of the Services. When you use the Ticketing System via the Services, you are also bound by the Ticket Purchase Agreement.

In the case of Fall Delights transactions, the Policy should be read in conjunction with the Pre-Sale Ticket Purchase Agreement associated with the event.


The purpose of this Privacy and Data Use Policy (hereinafter the "Policy") is to inform you of the manner in which and the purposes for which the Corporation collects, uses and communicates your personal information, the choices you have in this regard and how to access and correct it, if necessary.


The Corporation des événements de Trois-Rivières (CETR) is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers when collecting personal information and data required for ticketing operations and the use of our website and social networks. A combination of physical, organizational and technological means has been put in place to ensure the confidentiality and protection of this personal information.
We use only industry best practices in keeping collected data secure. This includes the HTTPS / SSL / TLS (Secure Socket Layer) protocol for all ticket purchase transactions and for authentication and data transfer to integrated Third-Party Services. In addition, the Corporation uses third-party suppliers and hosting partners to provide the hardware, software, networks, storage and related technology necessary to run the Services, and these suppliers have been selected for their high security standards.

In particular, all of the Corporation's employees are bound by a formal undertaking at the time of hiring to observe these confidentiality rules. Finally, a person has been appointed to deal with issues relating to the protection of personal information.


3.1 Types of personal information collected and kept in customer files

For the purposes of this Policy, "personal information" means any information about an individual that directly or indirectly identifies that individual, such as street address, e-mail address, telephone number and financial information. We collect, use and disclose your personal information as necessary to provide our services to you, with your consent or as permitted or required by law. How we obtain your consent depends on the circumstances, as well as the sensitivity of the information collected. Subject to applicable laws, your consent may be express or implied, depending on the circumstances and the sensitivity of the personal information in question. By providing us with personal information in the course of a transaction, we will assume that you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.

Generally, we will ask for your consent at the time we collect your personal information. Where we wish to use your personal information for a purpose not previously identified to you at the time of collection, we will seek your consent before using your personal information for that purpose. If you provide us with personal information about another individual, it is your responsibility to obtain that individual's consent to allow us to collect, use and disclose his or her information as described in the Policy.

Here are some of the types of personal information we collect:

  • Name and language of correspondence;
  • Contact information, telephone number, physical address and e-mail address;
  • Payment information (specific financial information, such as CVV code, credit card number and expiration date, is not accessible to the file, although it may be stored and encrypted in the system for future purchases);
  • Information about ticket reservations or other complementary services;
  • When you request information or reserve a room for an event: we collect your first name, last name, company name, website, position, telephone and cell phone numbers, e-mail address, mailing address and event information;
  • When you apply for a position on our Careers tab: we may collect your first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, as well as the information contained in the resume and cover letter you send us.

3.2 Customer data entry points

Personal information is collected at various points of sale (telephone and walk-in ticketing, the online ticketing platform ( and via our websites and subdomains operated by the Corporation (;;;

Personal information is collected when you reserve or purchase a ticket to a show, when you communicate with our customer service department, when you subscribe to one or more of our newsletters, and when you participate in various contests and surveys.

3.3 Optional or mandatory information

  • Some of the information requested is optional, such as newsletter registration.
  • Other information, however, is mandatory in order to make a purchase at certain points of sale (such as credit card numbers for online and telephone purchases).
  • Refusal to provide some of the personal information requested may limit the provision of ticketing or communications services.
  • If a customer does not wish to provide any personal information, his or her only option is to purchase tickets at the J.-Antonio-Thompson Hall box office, from Tuesday to Saturday (between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.), or at the Cogeco Amphitheatre box office, which is open to the public on show days and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.. It is located on the grounds of the Amphithéâtre Cogeco at 100, avenue des Draveurs, Trois-Rivières.
  • It is important to know that in this situation, it will be impossible to associate this purchase with a customer account: consequently, it will also be impossible to communicate any confirmation of purchase, show reminder and any possible change (for example, in the event of postponement or cancellation of the show) to the said customer, just as it will be impossible to carry out any exchange or refund.

3.4 Rights of access and modification of personal information

  • Personal information in the customer file belongs to the customer, who trusts La Corporation des événements de Trois-Rivières to store and use it judiciously. Under no circumstances may this personal information be distributed or resold.
  • The Corporation may, however, transfer the personal information it collects to service providers, producers of shows for which you purchase tickets, and other third parties who support the Corporation. These third parties are contractually obliged to keep personal information confidential, to use it only for the purposes for which the Corporation discloses it, and to treat personal information in accordance with the standards set out in this directive and in compliance with the law.
  • At any time, upon written request and by providing proof of identification, a customer is entitled to consult, request to modify or remove information included in his or her file. To do so, simply contact our ticketing staff during business hours at our toll-free number: 1 866 416-9797. Alternatively, you can write to [email protected].
  • Of course, in order to ensure the smooth running of ticketing and communication operations, some of La Corporation's employees also have access to all the necessary information, and are required to respect its confidentiality. However, no information concerning the customer's financial information is available to employees once the transaction has been completed.

3.5 Newsletter and purchase-related communications

  • Unless otherwise specified by the customer, all customers who have agreed to add a valid e-mail address to their file will receive at this address communications related to their purchasing activities, such as purchase confirmations, show reminders, postponement or cancellation notices, etc. These communications are sent on our behalf or on behalf of the producer or co-producer of the event, via the ticketing service offered by our partner Outbox or again via Outbox. These communications are sent on our behalf or on behalf of the event's producer or co-producer, via the ticketing service offered by our partner Outbox, or via our Symplify messaging service.
  • Any customer who has added an e-mail address to their file and made a purchase within the last two years is considered to have given their "tacit" consent to receive our newsletters, sent via our Symplify messaging service.
  • Any customer who has given verbal or online consent to subscribe to our newsletter is considered to have given "express" consent. Both categories of customer are deemed to have agreed to receive the newsletters of their choice.
  • Whether a customer has subscribed to one or other of our newsletters from the above-mentioned sites, he or she may at any time modify his or her preferences or unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of the newsletter page.

3.6 Transfer of data to third parties

  • Unless consent is obtained from the customer or is permitted or required by law, no personal information may be disclosed to any other company or partner other than as set out in this policy.
  • It is possible, however, that La Corporation des événements de Trois-Rivières may need to give access to some of this personal information to third parties providing services to La Corporation, in particular to our ticketing supplier Outbox, in order to ensure the smooth operation of ticketing services.
  • In the event of a transfer for the purpose of analyzing the data collected, it will first be anonymized before being transferred. In all cases, a contractual non-disclosure agreement governing standards of confidentiality and protection of privacy is imposed in the contracts between La Corporation des événements de Trois-Rivières and its suppliers.
  • As part of its rental activities, La Corporation des événements de Trois-Rivières also offers a ticketing service. When selling tickets on behalf of a third party, La Corporation may communicate the contact details of purchasing customers to the lessee on whose behalf the tickets are sold. This enables the lessee to follow up with his event's clientele. Although these rental customers are considered to be third parties, they are also subject to this policy via a clause incorporated into the Stage Rental Policy. To learn more about their own privacy policies, we invite you to contact them directly.
    In addition, the same rights of access, modification and withdrawal are also offered to customers of this type of show, who are free to entrust or not the personal information requested during transactions.


The Corporation's ticketing and communications team regularly uses and analyzes collected data to optimize the customer experience, update all records, adjust services and plan various communications strategies.

In addition to carrying out ticket purchase transactions for the various shows, data may be used for the following purposes:

  • To establish and confirm customer identity;
  • To complete various commercial transactions;
  • To respond to requests for information;
  • For marketing and market analysis purposes;
  • To target customer needs, interests and preferences;
  • To communicate the latest offers in a targeted manner;
  • To monitor the quality of customer service;
  • To prevent fraud and for any other purposes authorized or required by law.



Like most Web sites, our transactional sites ( / /, where purchase transactions take place, use cookies to track the purchases or other online activities of their visitors, in order to improve their experience on the site.

They collect anonymous information such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the domain used to access the website, browser or operating system type and version, referring websites, details of pages viewed, hyperlink activity and site searches.

Information of a demographic nature is also collected in order to paint a statistical portrait of visitors to the sites, such as age range, geographical distribution, language used, number of visitors per page, average time spent and path taken through the website.

Although La Corporation uses Google Analytics to analyze the audience of its various sub-domain sites and improve their content, an exchange of information also takes place between our various transactional sites ( / /, the Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Facebook servers, via the various pixels and tags integrated into the site content. These tools make it possible to collect certain key events carried out on the site, but also to trigger utilities that can help improve the user experience. These companies themselves use cookies, but these are governed by their respective owners, and La Corporation des événements de Trois-Rivières (hereinafter referred to as the "Corporation") has no control over them and accepts no responsibility for their use: it is important to consult their own privacy policies.

The information obtained through the use of various cookies is used to deliver relevant advertisements to target audiences, and to measure the overall effectiveness of advertising. Targeted advertising, personalized according to the Web site pages consulted, may therefore be offered not only on the sites operated by La Coporation mentioned above, but also on third-party Web sites and applications.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can refuse or deactivate them at any time by consulting your browser's configuration options. However, if you refuse or deactivate cookies, certain website functions may no longer be available. You can also delete cookies once you have finished using them.

Visit the page corresponding to the browser you are using to find out more:

If your browser is not listed, please visit your browser's website.

5.1 Data-Coop Culture and Pixel Culture services

We use the Data-Coop Culture service to collect browsing information from visitors to our site. Thanks to the Pixel Culture installed on our site, we collect information in order to better understand the cultural interests and tastes of Internet users who consult our pages or make purchases. The data collected may be used to suggest cultural activities corresponding to your interests through personalized advertisements broadcast on advertising networks of other sites you visit.

If you do not wish to receive such personalized advertising, you can unsubscribe :

  • by modifying your settings on the social media services you use;
  • by configuring the advertising services of the sites you visit (e.g. via Google's advertising preferences manager).
  • You can also choose not to receive personalized ads from third-party ad networks that are members of the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada.
  • Please visit the DAAC unsubscribe page for more information.



The Corporation takes all commercially reasonable and necessary security measures to protect personal information that it collects, uses or retains, depending on the nature of the information, the purposes for which it is to be used, the amount and distribution of the information and the media on which it is held.

Methods of protection include :

  • physical measures (such as restricted access to offices);
  • organizational measures (such as security clearances);
  • and technological measures (such as the use of passwords).

The Corporation will make its employees aware of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of personal information, and such information will be accessible only to those employees who need it to perform their work. In addition, these employees will be required to use passwords to access personal information.

Personal information is stored securely on servers associated with our ticketing system. In the event that such personal information is stored with a service provider of The Corporation, such service provider will be bound by strict contractual terms and conditions to maintain the confidentiality of all personal information and to use such information only for purposes related to the provision of its services.

Given the public nature of the Internet, the customer acknowledges and understands that the security of Internet communications cannot be guaranteed. The Corporation cannot guarantee, and shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for, any breach of confidentiality, hacking, virus, loss, theft or modification of information transmitted or stored on the systems of The Corporation, its ticketing partners or via cloud computing.

In order to ensure an additional level of security for your personal information, the Corporation recommends that its customers never divulge the identifiers they use to access their user profile, since these give access to their personal information. The Corporation also recommends that customers take care to close the user profile access session and browser window when they stop using the ticketing platform.

It is the customer's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the identifiers they use to access their user profile. Consequently, he/she is responsible for any activity occurring from his/her profile or with the identifiers that give access to it.

If you believe that the confidentiality of your user profile, your login credentials or the security of your personal information has been compromised in any way, please contact our Privacy Officer immediately so that he or she may record the incident, ensure the best possible response and, if necessary, report the incident to the Commission d'accès à l'information if there is a serious risk of harm.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Corporation may rely on the authority of any person having access to a user profile or making use of the information giving access thereto and in no event shall we be liable for any costs, liability or damages arising from: (i) any action or omission on our part in respect of this stipulation; (ii) the compromise of the confidentiality of a user profile or the information giving access thereto; and (iii) the unauthorized access to a user profile or the unauthorized use of the information giving access thereto.

The Corporation has procedures in place to receive and respond to complaints or questions about its policies and procedures relating to the handling of Personal Information. To this end, we will review all complaints received and if a complaint is found to be justified, we will take appropriate measures, including, if necessary, amending our policies.


Privacy law is rapidly evolving and, as a result, we may change this Policy from time to time at our discretion without any notice or liability to you or any other person. The Corporation's collection, use and disclosure of your personal information will be governed by the most current version of this Policy. To learn more about the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, visit the page dedicated to that purpose. To learn more about the Commission d'accès à l'information and the evolution of its bills, visit their page.


To request a change to your customer file: contact the box office at 1-866-416-9797, or by e-mail at [email protected].

If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding this policy, please contact our Privacy Officer by e-mail, telephone or mail:

Alexandre Olivier
Assistant General Manager - Operations
Corporation des événements de Trois-Rivières
100, avenue des Draveurs, P.O. Box 368
Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A 5H3
819 378-2009 ext. 1660